Monday Links?

Monday Links?

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Strange, but I figured might as well. The links I find follow no rhyme or reason anyway. They are just the byproducts of the work I do and the blogs I read and every now and then a random coincidence, which is why I still like StumbleUpon. And I will not be held down to the tyranny of a specific link day because some weeks I just collect more than others. Plus I have a new list of sites I am posting to my affiliate marketing blog, which will be my first link:

  • An Analysis of 71 LinkWheel Sites - I don't know if you have heard of them, but I think I here too much about them. Web 2.0 brought with it a lot of free content sites. No need to pay for hosting or install software. Instead build your network on freely available, authoritative content sites and point even site to your money blog or website. It is a bit more complex than that but you get the idea. I took a list of 71 of these fully featured free hosts, added PageRank and Alexa Data, found out which have revenue sharing (6), and added notes where I could.
  • 15 methods to boost your PHP based website’s performance - I was looking for a way to cache parts of a page for different lengths of time. I ended up using gCache. It might end of playing a part in other software I am developing.
  • 10 Writing Rules You Can’t Break…And How to Break Them - Sometimes the rules just don't apply. How to throw out that Strunk & White at least momentarily.
  • Creative Writing Tips for LinkBait Production - How to come up with ideas for linkbait or how to create a story so hot that you don't have to build any links to it, everyone else will for you.
  • ProgrammableWeb: How to Make Your Own Web Mashup - A lot of links to various API's available on the internet. A great way to bring more content and data in for your visitors.
  • Nesox Link Checker Free Edition Download - Software to check Pagerank and Alexa Rank and it's free. And, yes, it is what I used to get the rank for my LinkWheel site list
  • Wiktionary:Frequency lists - Wiktionary - I have been playing around with content classification and contextual matching for a few years now, trying to hit it from different angles. One angle I thought of was taking a sample of the most infrequently occurring keywords from the content. At some point over one word, a definite theme could be locked. So rather than trimming stop words and then indexing, go directly for the meat and build upward until a match is made. Think of it like Wheel of Fortune. You go for the easy letters to fill the board fast, but really if there was a z in that word you were trying to guess and it were visible, you would know the word right away. I find myself half the time searching Google this way. Not typing phrases, but trying to triangulate between three words I know have to be on the page, words that would never occur together except in the context I am looking for. This link is just a list of how often an English word occurs in various contexts from the Gutenburg Project, Movie Scripts, etc.
  • Writing for Attention: Ammunition for Personalised Search - A great post on making your site stand out in Google's new search results.
  • DreamPie - I already warned you, I said random links. A few weeks ago I posted a link to Sikuli a visual programming tool. Well, you scripted that software in Python. After realizing Python was like the Volkswagon of programming languages, very forgiving to errors and simple, I found DreamPie, which is a Python shell.
  • Most Beautiful Free Wordpress Themes for E-commerce - Nice themes to turn Wordpress into a shopping cart.
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