Join Me at the Bloghology Social Network

Join Me at the Bloghology Social Network

Until the bugs are all swatted on this server I am running on and I grow a second set of arms, I am pretty much behind. Behind on this. Behind on that. Mention something else and I will probably be behind on that one too. It happens when I focus on one thing to long and then the balls start dropping around me.

But the Bloghology social network has been going strong and making great strides and many of you there have friended me. But I haven’t been much of a friend as of late, because of current issues. But the show has to go on.

So what is this social network exactly and why should you join? There are so many, right? Is this just another clone? I know the questions and they are all valid. We have all seen social networks claiming to be the next best thing since weblogs became blogs. I have joined a few.

The Bloghology social network has been designed to connect bloggers, marketers and advertisers and here are some of the features it has currently:

  • Personal Profiles where you can promote your blogs and profiles on other networks and describe you expertise.
  • Photo and Video Albums that I will be testing out while I am mobile as soon as they connect my new phone today.
  • Everyone gets a blog on site to promote their knowledge and expertise as well as the standard "update" feature that sites like MySpace and Facebook have.
  • Members can create their own groups based on their interests.
  • Members can create their own events calendar and invite other members to join. There is even an RSVP feature.
  • Members can use live chat to talk to other members when the update and comment features are just not fast enough.
  • Do you have something to sell? Well, there is the classified section where members can list products and services that will be visible to every member of the Bloghology network. And if you need a little more promotion for your products, for a limited time, you can buy a site wide banner for only $25 a month.

And just to let you know, that’s not the end of the features. That’s just where we are now and it’s the perfect time to get your foot in the door and make some friends. And don’t forget to include me in that circle.

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