How to Use Twitter Without Typing

How to Use Twitter Without Typing

Okay, I broke my rule about always have at least two services to compare when I decide to say something is the next best thing since sliced bread. Because I have to say, why didn't someone think of this earlier.

I spent about a half an hour this Sunday training Vista to transcribe my voice. It was actually pretty easy and relatively accurate. The last time I tried this was with Dragon Voice about 4 years ago. I gave up that time. I sort of used it like William S. Burroughs would, as a cutup machine. Speak whatever you want into it and you will never know what it types.

I have also been trying to use Twitter with my phone with zero success. Confirming my cell phone never happened. I tried three times. Entering stuff in the phone browser never worked. It looked like it did. But once I checked my account online, nothing I wrote from my phone showed up. I gave up.

Then today, I found Jott which took care of both of these issues.

First, you sign up for free. Then you set up the services that Jott can access and here are a few:

  • Twitter
  • Yahoo Groups
  • Haiku
  • Zillow
  • 30Boxes
  • Blogger
  • Live Journal
  • TypePad
  • Wordpress
  • Tumbler
  • Remember the Milk
  • Xpenser
  • Gumiyo
  • Trapster
  • Mosio
  • Vitalist
  • Google Calendar
  • Recommendr
  • Toodledo
  • Nozbe
  • Mentat
  • Keep up
  • BackPack
  • Heap
  • 43Actions
  • Kwiry

Or you can set up your own using the API.

After you set these up, you call Jott via a toll-free number and using specific terms to choose which service you are going to use, you can post to these services. Jott turns your voice into text and posts it.

I have set up my Twitter account and my BackPack account. And it works. A few of my tweets today were sent via Jott.

No typing on the cell phone. Yay. I still haven't got the point of text messaging. It's a phone damnit. If you want to call me, do so. If you type something to me on my phone, I don't have the time to fit my fat fingers between the damn keys.

No using a voice recorder that I never check to keep ideas. I can send them to BackPack, email them to myself or write a draft on my blog. All through a toll-free number. All with only my voice.

It's about time someone put voice recognition over the phone to a use that actually benefits the normal guy instead of just pissing him off because the corporation he's calling doesn't believe in customer service and would rather lose customers than put another human on the phone.

And, to wrap it up. If you want to go backwards and convert your blog posts into audio, check these services out:

A full speech-to-test post one day? Maybe a draft as I go to work, who knows.

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