Help With The PayPerPost Question and Date Archives

I am really unsure of PayPerPost. I kind of get this creepy oompa loompa vibe from what I have read. Of all the similar type programs I have investigated, PayPerPost seems to have the bottom of the barrel prices. Why the question? They denied my blog because of no dated archives here. I didn't see the use of those archives. It's mainly the articles and not the time they are posted that are important and I have never browsed through someone's blog by month. Plus, I don't see the SEO worth of dated archives. How is a date in the anchor going to help? And the chances of duplicate content, I am thinking, is rather high. John Chow doesn't seem to have them and Darren Rowse just has one page of them.

Please give your opinions on the archives issue, without even considering PayPerPost. I don't seem to find much except by inspecting the way other bloggers have their site's laid out. I am leaning toward the Darren Rowse route.

And I was going to ask everyone's opinions on PayPerPost, but I think I have come up with an answer. Nope. Don't want it. Don't want to be called a postie. Don't want to tank my blog before it even gets anywhere. I don't want to scramble to write posts to only make about $2000 a month from it. That's pretty close to what the top postie made last time I checked. I may opt to use them to handle posts, but I am still holding out on ReviewMe, which I can't quite figure out either, except for the fact that they keep throwing me $5 bones. They can keep their $5. I have been an affiliate marketer, mainly using old school static link SEO, for a few years now with the top income month being $7000, so I am not looking for pocket change.

So if anyone has ideas on the subject and made it through all the twists in this post, chime in. This blog monetization is confusing.