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It seems that Creabuzz has been nominated for the Mashable Open Web Awards and they are in second place for the best Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks. And this is a post to get some of you to vote for them. And if you haven't tried cre8buzz out yet, just comment on this post and I will shoot you an invite.

Cre8buzz is a pretty simple site. You can add pictures, videos, blog posts, and in the site showcase, links and screenshots of your sites. They have forums and a pretty complex rating system. You can rate each and every thing on another Buzzer's page. The feature I liked was the ability to customize the CSS. But that may be a feature available elsewhere. I don't get out that much. :)

It seems like that they were off the list for a while because Cre8buzz was accused of gaming the system. But they are back. Mashable learned to notice the difference between dedicated users and gaming the system. So this is my plug for the site. I hope they get it.

And if you do sign up, track me down and friend me.

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