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We all know about shopping widgets: Auction Ads, Chitika, Widgetbucks. I had a couple on a few of my sites and took them off. They took up valuable screen space and gave me pennies a day. So why am I writing about a new shopping widget?

Because I think the creators of this widget have something. First, they own their own ecommerce business which gives them insight into buying activity. I run an ecommerce store at my day job and it has taught me more than any other business about the internet. Secondly, they are women, which gives them insight into shopping. Just joking, sort of.

Up to now, shopping ads were just ads. Up to now, you signed up for a widget and the details of how the company you signed up for did it's job were hidden. You sign up. You get a widget. You eventually get check. Who knows where the ads came from.

The Widget

The TinyMassive widget gives you a choice. If 10 companies carry a product, just slide the bar at the bottom of the widget to compare prices. That is the advantage of building widget ads on the back of a shopping comparison engine.

For the most part, widgets work for impulse buys. A widget catches eyes that have wandered from your post. Keeping those eyes there long enough to make a purchase may be an issue. TinyMassive thought that adding reviews to the widget might help. I think so too.

And, of course, this is a contextual widget. TinyMassive will crawl you site and find relevant products to display.

At the same time, the widget constantly perfects it's choices by tracking the behavior of users across the whole TinyMassive network, making sure that your widget.


TinyMassive widgets are Pay-Per-Click, earning more than than standard CPM ads. Currently, widgets across the network are earning $6 CPM.

There is also referral commission to be had. You can earn 10% of the commissions earned by sites you refer.

Sign up for TinyMassive widget ads.


What does TinyMassive offet to merchants? More sales. Plain and simple.

TinyMassive's behavioral targeting algorithm means that TinyMassive is working while you sleep to find the perfect times, web sites, and visitors to show your ad to.

Free clicks is another thing TinyMassive gets you. Like I said, the creators of TinyMassive own an ecommerce business. They know that you might not always have the budget you need to advertise your products. TinyMassive gives merchants the ability to grow their Pay-Per-Click campaigns on their own terms.

TinyMassive hasn't yet opened up for all merchants. They are still in the testing and improvement phase. But you can sign up here to get news of their opening

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