Yet another buzz site, a community site for bloggers or anyone really, for that matter. I am ranked 10 in the entrepreneurs community and all I did was add my blogs so far. But soon, getting a high ranking by just signing up may be a hard thing to do. The site is still in beta and there is no way to sign up other than by invitation.

At first, I thought I found a site similar to MyBlogLog, but it is different. The focus is not your blog but the content your add to your Crea8buzz page, things like videos, podcasts, pictures, audio or links to your sites. There is an on site blog and your them is totally customizable through css, so you have to have a little knowledge of stylesheets to create a custom page.

The communities you can join seem to be limited to one for now. Not sure if that will change. But you can choose to switch your community at any time.

The concept. Make friends. Be active in forums. Upload content. Favorite other users content. And watch your ranking climb.

Supposedly, new members are only being added by invitation only. I would have to ask for your email. I would have a limit on 30 invitations. But I found the link where you can sign up directly. To sign up in the entrepreneurs community, go here. And give me some competition, for god's sake. There are only 13 members in this community.


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