Burning Down the House

Burning Down the House

I see so many people that don't think or don't even care to. When they search for a way to make money online, they want a system. Do they care how the system works? Nope. The problem with this type of thought process is that it is still a day job mentality. These people are still looking for bosses to tell them what to do.

They are told to clean the bathrooms at their day job and they do it without question. Eventually its just habit. Something they do every day without even thinking. It becomes more comfortable. Eventually their new day job becomes easier because they don't have to think or make decisions. The turn into robots and go to work. Ignorant bliss.

There is no difference in the internet marketer who bought one ebook on article spinning or any other subject and now exclusively uses that method to make money online. Eventually the process becomes robotic and they can go back to ignorant bliss. Of course, they think they are beating the system. Most people work twice as much to make as much money. And most people think inside the box.

There are different boxes. Anything can become the box that traps you.

I wrote an article a long time ago that suggested if you are having trouble making money online, start a campfire in your living room and step outside to watch your house burn down. Afterwards, you will have all sorts of ideas jumping into your head. And sometimes it takes a change this drastic to kickstart your brain, to realize that everything you count on to keep you in your comfortable little box can disappear that easily. And then you start thinking.

But it really doesn't require all that. It just requires stopping and looking at what you are doing, tearing it apart, and seeing if you can add to it, change it or in some way make it better.

I believe in evolution and change. It happens whether you want it or not. You can have it happen to you or you can create change. For me, I would rather make change happen.

This post was inspired by one I read over at Young Go Getter.

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