Affiliate Project X Review

Affiliate Project X

I basically stumbled into affiliate marketing through my interest in programming, software, and the internet. And because I never had the time or money to finish college. And in many people’s opinion, the only way to make a good living without a degree is to go into sales or somehow scrape enough money together to start your own business.

Number one, I am not good at face to face sales. I used to work in retail but that basically meant helping someone make a choice. They came to the store to buy something. I just had to fit customers needs to product features. But the real money in sales comes in something like real estate or car sales. I am just not outgoing enough to survive in these fields.

And that’s how affiliate marketing works for me. This is sales, but online. This is do or die sales. You make a sale and you get paid. Or you don’t and you’ve just wasted your time.

But it seems that there are levels of affiliate marketers. And as next new information product rehashes the same old info. The mid-rank affiliate marketers, those that actually put a lot of time in and have goals, never seem to hit the same income level as the six-figure affiliates.

Affiliate Project X claims the reason why is that six figure affiliates do things a little differently. I purchased the book and decided to give it a try. Why? Because I am one of those mid-rank affiliates that does put in a lot of time, but with a wife and family, can’t seem to break out of the day job.

I have made it to method # 1 in the book which basically outlines a better way to run an adwords campaign. And it definitely has merit. It’s a virtual guarantee that customers will buy through you instead of another affiliate. It is called the art of pre-sell.

This is a different kind of landing page, but it also is a different way of choosing keywords.

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