A Stumble Out of Nowhere

A Stumble Out of Nowhere


I recently downloaded RapidReader to test out how fast I could read some PDF files lying around on my desktop. One of the files I happened to choose was Web Traffic Orgasm, a book by Dean Hunt about getting stories on the front page of Digg.

I don't use Digg that much, yet, but this PDF does have some good details about getting any post ranked higher on any type of page ranking system. I mention all of this because I think I absorbed the book by osmosis. I didn't set out to get one of my pages stumbled, didn't use this book as a guideline, but somehow I used a few of its tips without thinking about it or I just stumbled upon something.

A couple of days ago, I put together a list of bookmarking sites that do not use nofollow. I posted that list here. I also posted the exact same list with another headline over at Digital Products Review.

In Web Traffic Orgasm, one of the points that Dean Hunt makes is that you must package your potential post for global appeal and use terms that others would use. Obviously, people understand "link love" more than "do not use nofollow".

I also submitted the post to BloggingZoom. My first test of this system. Whether or not the stumble came via a visitor from BloggingZoom, I do not know. 

By far, this stumble has given more hits to one page on one of my sites than any other. The next day I was greeted to being on the business buzz page of SU.

And I guess all the traffic from SU isn't wasted. My subscriber count went from 29 to 55 that day. And I guess I will have to say I have been bitten by a new bug. Time to study this process more in depth

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