A Random Walk Through Wordpress Plugins

A Random Walk Through Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress plugins don't stop coming. My initial idea with this blog was to build a set of plugins and then once I thought I was set, download the plugin folder and use it for my other blogs. But, like I said, the cool plugins keep on coming.

So today I took a random walk though the Wordpress plugin repository just to see what's up. No search terms. Just some browsing. And here are some cool plugins I found.


A complex ad serving and content plugin. It supports ad-rotation, scheduling, and works with widgets.


A plugin that will automatically insert things in your Wordpress blog. That's the best quick explanation because this plugin does a lot like executing PHP or inserting data from the database. And it will insert these just about anywhere on your blog.


You can get a lot of news before anyone else by following the right people in Twitter or you can use Twitter search to find what people are saying about a topic in real time. Twitterdoodle will automatically add a Twitter search feed as a post at specific intervals of your choosing.

Sensitive Tag Cloud

This plugin presents a context sensitive tag cloud.

Please Link to Me

This plugin gives your visitors the code to link back to your post, right below your article.

Better Nearby Posts Links

"Previous" and "Next" are not good anchor text. Link to your nearby posts with their title. I have been thinking about a "You are here" plugin, that put's the current post in context with a certain amount of surrounding posts, like the three posts before and the three posts after. Haven't got around to messing with the concept yet though.

NoFollow Recriprocity

Do unto others. This plugin detects nofollow tags on a commenter's website and doesn't give them a dofollow link if they have a nofollow blog.

Post Templates

If you publish the same type of post over and over, this is the plugin for you. With it, you can create templates for your regular postings and stop the copy and paste.


When a user comes to your blog from another blog or a search engine, this plugin will attempt to detect his or her interests and present posts related to the search terms used.


A Wordpress ecommerce plugin that supports downloadable products.

SEO Smart Links

This plugin automatically links keywords and phrases in your post with posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. The plugin finds the link matches by itself and then you edit them.

That's about it. Not sure which I may install, but each one is interesting and has potential.

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