A New Wordpress Theme

A New Wordpress Theme

I went off on a tangent today because I was tired of working aorund the limitations of this Wordpress Theme. I started on my own. The inspiration came from a WIRED cover. WIRED is very visually appealing magazine. Always at the forefront with new uses for fonts, alignment, and symbols. This is the cover.

I took everything from the "Blackout" line. I got the background from graph paper that a penpal used to use when I was a kid. He live in Panama and he always wrote letters on graph paper. I thought it was cool. It seems to repect both the vertical and horizontal qualitites of paper. Lined paper allows you see the paper from only a horizontal point of view. Blank paper is chaos. You have freedom of movement but no true alignment ot indicate connections between elements on the page. But graph paper allows you to put the return address at a specific distance from any side of the paper. The beginning of a paragraph at another specific point. Lists stand out well when they are given an even different specific length from the left margin.

That's where I started. Here is where I'm at now:


Still kind of raw, but it's getting there.

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