A List of Feeds of Social Media Sites

A short post for the weekend, but with lists, you can usually leave them short. This is a list of feeds that I have gathered over the last few months. They are the rss feeds of the hot and upcoming story section of various bookmark and social news sites. And I choose a few new ones in last week out of the following sites:

What good is a list like this. There could be a few uses:
  1. You want to figure out which stories get hot and where they do, because each network has a slightly different bunch of users and a story that is a hit at one site may bomb at another.
  2. You like finding cool stories and submiting them elsewhere where you can be the first.
  3. You just need something to browse for ideas and no better grist for the mill than a story that is popular.
If a feed reader is just too much for you, let your browser do the work with mashups. You will find information on these at the following links:
And for some browser tools to make your own bookmarking a little quicker check out these:
  • Social Media for Firefox - A Firefox/Flock addon that tells you the page you are browsing has been bookmarked at Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg or Delicious.
  • SocialPhile - Tells you if links in search results have been submitted to Digg. Also a Firefox plugin.
  • StumbleUpon Toolbar - The toolbar also tells you if the current page has been submitted and it does the same for links in search results pages.
  • Social Poster - Hands down the best bookmarklet bookmarking tool. It bookmarks at 160 sites and pulls the title, highlighted text, and tags from the page for you.

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