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I need a better system for this. In an effect not to get sidetracked from whatever is currently on my plate, I will put sites that I want come back to in a folder. Unfortunately I don't have a specific schedule for getting to this list of links. So before this list becomes unmanageable, it's time to spit them out, again. It also is a excuse not to write a real post when what I had prepared just isn't quite right yet.

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Well, it was quite a bit longer than expected. That was about half of what I had. I deleted the rest for the same reason that I keep all the notebooks that I write ideas in but rarely go back in time more than 10 days or so. Life goes on and the changes that come with it are much more striking than those noticed a few days ago.

Plus, theoretically, anything you have seen or read stays in your head somehow, coloring future research and ideas. The act of writing or of finding has done it's job. I have learned at least of the existence of more options and ways of doing things.

Now if only I could do the same with my email inbox every once and a while. Just delete the whole thing or maybe cause Thunderbird to crash by "accident". But I am actually getting better at estimating how much time it takes to do things and how much time I actually have to do them.

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